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Bahía Blanca: a walk for people with hearing loss

The city of Bahía Blanca added to its tourist offer the possibility of guides who handle sign language for people with hypoacoustic.

 Bahía Blanca  is an ideal setting to enjoy with friends and in the company of the family. The Municipal Tourism Area added to its guided tours, and through the pre-booking mode, interpreters in sign language so that people can do the different tours offered by the city. One of them is the Port Walk:

 Paseo del Puerto.   A recreational space by the sea where you can see from artisanal fishing boats to large boats. The Port of Bahía Blanca has been transformed into an ideal place for recreation. It has the necessary equipment to contemplate the sea and nautical activities.

 Museum of the Port.   Dedicated to the history and present of Ingeniero White, village and port of Bahía Blanca. Its building is one of the best examples of port architecture: veneer and wood on stilts, was built in 1907 by the English company del Ferrocarril del Sud for Customs protection. The museum's rooms stage the immigration past of the place from the perspective of everyday life: kitchen, hairdresser, bar, home and school are some of the spaces that are recreated with objects marked by daily use (pots, scissors of low edge, old school notebooks) and objects of cotillion, barquitos de glaze paper, fish and cartapesta mermaids) in a varied frame of voices, music, textures, lights and shadows. “La Cocina” symbolizes the family meeting place where the different communities prepare their typical dishes to delight visitors and residents. Located in Guillermo Torres 4121.

 Ferrowhite Museum and Workshop.   A place where things, in addition to being exhibited, are manufactured. More than 5000 pieces of the railway and the port are the starting point for trying to understand how the workshops in which these tools were used were organized, what were the order and conflicts of the society they served, and how things are, by comparison, today. These pieces, coming from different workshops and dependencies, make up a kind of puzzle. Each voice brings a life experience and is plotting with the others a complex network that, you might think, is the living portrait that a community makes of itself. Located in Juan B. Justo 3885

Source: Press TPBA

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