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A town called Tapalqué

In the center of the province of Buenos Aires is Tapalqué, a village that offers a variety of attractions for tourism. Know him.

In the center of the province of   Buenos Aires,   less than 300 km from the Federal Capital   Tapalqué   . In an unrepeatable Pampas environment, we find a quiet place, where peace, clean air and warmth of the people allow a little away from the routine.

Tapalqué is wanted by those who want a break in contact with the countryside, with the possibility of doing, also, different activities.   Nature, gastronomy and gaucha culture   , as well as other tourist experiences such as city tours, bird watching and yoga on the waterfront, welcome tourists of all kinds.

At the edge of the stream

The star of the city is   municipal spa   : a green space with all the services to enjoy different outdoor activities. In addition, there is a campsite with everything you need to host those looking for a real contact with the natural environment.

The   stream Tapalqué   is bordered by a   costanera   of about five kilometers, from the Fishing Club to the   Don Regino Stone Jumping   , another of the village's natural attractions. In addition, they have been installed   bicisendas   that tour the village, with stops at points of interest and viewpoints that offer the best views of the area.

Traditional gastronomy

Tapalqué's cuisine is characterized by offering   regional meals   in various traditional establishments. In addition, during the summer, next to the creek is created a   gastronomic walk   with different options. Roast, special pizzas, craft beer and famous   black cakes   complete the culinary offer of this village.

Our gaucha culture

At the Museum and Centro de Cultura you can get to know our gaucha culture a little better. There are pieces that allow us to explore the history of the Buenos Aires peoples since the 18th century, such as garments, knives and firearms, along with archaeological and paleontological finds.

The waterfront, the spa, walks through the historic center and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility are, then, the biggest attractions of this village of about 9000 inhabitants that are worth knowing.

Rating: 5.00/5.