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A magical village

An unexpected place surprises us in the conurban of the province of Buenos Aires. Campanopolis is a medieval village in a dream setting.

It all started with a dream. A crazy dream, an unusual dream. A dream that seemed impossible. Who would have imagined that, in the heart of the party of La Matanza, a medieval village would rise?Antonio Campana did it . He imagined it, projected it, and made it come true. Like the most beautiful dreams. Campanópolis is the result of a decision, a longing and, above all, a lot of work.

It is amedieval village that rises on a 200-hectare plot in González Catán , in the west of Buenos Aires. The place is magical and unexpected. The village is formed by a group of buildings joined by cobbled alleys, passages, recesses and secret places. It responds to diverse medieval European styles united to produce an eclectic style of its own. In addition, Campanópolis was created with ecological awareness. It is entirely built with old and recycled materials, and has more than 100,000 trees and plants of different species.

The dream of Don Antonio

The name Campanópolis comes no more or less from the surname of its founder, Don Antonio Campana. Son of Italian immigrants, he inherited from his parents the culture of work and effort. He started working at the age of 13 and, over time, started his own trade. At 23, he founded the country's first grocery store self-service in the country. At 25 he married Liliana, his great companion, with whom he had three children.

His life passed between family and work, and he became a great commercial success. But when he was 50, he was diagnosed with tonsil cancer: from that event Don Antonio decided to take a turn in his life.

In 1976, he had acquired a land in González Catán that, years later, had been expropriated by CEAMSE, which used it for landfill, leaving a sequel toenvironmental pollution. By the time he was diagnosed with the disease, Don Antonio managed, after a hard judicial struggle, to recover those lands. Then he put into perspective his great dream: Campanopolis. The urge to build a new world, a magical village, returned his desire to live. Don Antonio lived 25 more years.

He broke off from his companies and began to build the village for himself and for his people, without commercial sense, betting on the illusion and pleasure of creating something on land recovered to a dump and using demolition materials, with a spirit of spirit ecological and regenerative.

What to see in Campanópolis?

The Twelve Casitas of the Forest

Along a mystical path, we travel the Twelve Casitas del Bosque, to magically transport us to a fantastic place. As if that were not enough, along the way we find fountains, lakes, quebracho bridges, islands, docks, a Dutch windmill, a colonial chapel and a locomotive with wagons.

The Museum of the Grilles

The Grilles Museum or Ferroteca is one of the most interesting places in Campanopolis. There are all kinds of wrought iron bars, hanging spiders, vitreaux, antique objects and art pieces. Also noteworthy are buildings where the materials used for their construction are the theme, such as the Stone House, the Wooden Museum or Sticks, the House of Slag.

Other attractions

In addition, you can visit the Passage of the Owl, the Caireles Museum, the Cabildo, the Cascina, the Casa Proa de Barco and hundreds of secret spaces.

Guided tours


The guided tour consists of a tour of about one and a half hours, in order to know the history, construction and care for the ecology and environment of the village. It includes income inside its buildings and museums. During the rest of the visit, you can walk and enjoy the property, take photographs (only for tourist purposes, not commercial or advertising) and a simple picnic. Guided tours allow four hours of stay on the premises.

Where is it?

Bariloche 7200, González Catán, Province of Buenos Aires.

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