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A different Mar del Plata

The coastal town offers a lot of activities to its visitors. We tell you how to know a different Mar del Plata in March.

Buenos Aires

 Mar del Plata  is a city that has a lot to offer. Even those who have a summer there every year have the opportunity to discover new corners at every visit, because its attractions go far beyond the beach, the  Rambla, the port and the casino. So today we want to tell you some of the things you can do if you want to discover a  different Mar del Plata. 

1. Neighborhood and forest reserve Bosque de Peralta Ramos

Mar del Plata is not only sea: it also gives us a lot of forest. In addition to the trees, there you can find beautiful private buildings, inns, restaurants, craft fairs and tea houses.

2. The puppet car

Mardel is an ideal city for families, and the youngest ones have many options designed for them. Next to the historic building of the northern railway station, a specially adapted car functions as a theatrical hall for puppet shows:  El Vagón de los Puppetres .

3. City of Bethlehem

A different option is also to visit the scale reproduction of the City of Bethlehem which is located in the grotto of Lourdes. It opens its doors on weekends from 9 to 17. It is possible to put in motion, through a mechanical system, the characters and buildings of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Tokens, which are purchased inexpensively, serve to support the sick home that works there.

4. Museum House on Arroyo and Casa de Madera

The Casa sobre el Arroyo Museum (known as  Casa del Puente ) is a construction designed by architect Amancio Williams made during 1945 and 1946. One of its peculiarities is that it crosses the channel of Las Chacras stream. Casa de Madera is another must-see building in the city. Currently there is an art gallery. The construction arrived semi-assembled to Mar del Plata in 1909.

5. Nature Reserve Port

It is a Provincial Protected Area and the only urban reserve in the city. On 30 hectares, various natural environments coexist, lagoons, pampean grassland and maritime coastline. A must-see of this different Mar del Plata.

Publication Date: 06/03/2020

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