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5 towns of Buenos Aires you have to know

Running out of town a little is always a good decision. If you don't know where to go, we invite
Buenos Aires
| 01 February, 2020 |

Sometimes you just have to move a little bit to discover something new. Only one little. If you live in Capital Federal or Gran Buenos Aires, you have the possibility to discover a lot of villages which are only a few kilometers away, where you can live very different. Are you ready? We’ll tell you some options.

Saint Anthony of Areco

It is, perhaps, the most “famous” of the towns of Buenos Aires, especially because it is very linked to our tradition. In November the Festival of Traditionis held there, which is the most important celebration of gauchesca culturein the country. 120 km from Buenos Aires, it is a town that invites you to get lost in its streets and stroll through its squares, museums and, why not, visit its silver shops.

Carlos Keen

Just 90 km from the capital, this place exploded a few years ago because of its great offer gastronomic. Moreover, since 2007 it has been considered a property of national historical interest. An ideal destination to spend a nice day.



Uribelarrea is halfway between Cañuelas and Lobos, and 90 km from Capital Federal. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Buenos Aires, with its dirt streets, buildings traditional, an octagonal square, an abandoned train station. The peace of mind floods its streets, where people can still leave the doors of houses open and untied bicycles on the sidewalk.

Chapel of the Lord

Very close to San Antonio de Areco, this town was declared well of national historical interest. A curiosity: houses The oldest pulperinthe country,calledLos Ombúes. It also has a tower viewpoint that in 1860 functioned as a casino and was visited by personalities such as Sarmiento and Dardo Rocha.

San Pedro

Other of the “classic” villages of Buenos Aires. About 2 hours from the capital, it is one of the typical destinations to escape a weekend. Its two distinctive features are the waterfront on the Paraná River and its famous ensaimadas . In addition, there is the option of rural tourism dedicated to the cultivation of oranges.

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