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5 classic activities of Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a classic of the coast of Buenos Aires. There are activities for all tastes and today we tell you the 5 most traditional.

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Classic of classics, the city of Mar del Plata is an unfailing part of the Atlantic Coast to: everyone should go at least once in a lifetime. The variety of activities that can be performed there is overwhelming (and the number of people in season, sometimes, too). It is a matter of finding our space and organizing the holidays according to our tastes.

Today we want to tell you 5 classic activities to do in Mar del Plata this summer.

1. Of course: go to the beach

Something remarkable about Mar del Plata is that it has beaches for all tastes. The center are the busiest, ideal for those who like to be surrounded by a lot of (very many) people. Closer to La Perla, in Over, they're a little less crowded. There they usually stop the residents of the city. For those who prefer the most secluded beaches, there are also, passing the port and out of town.

2. Walk along La Rambla and... take a picture with the sea lions!

It's a tradition: some of us have photos with the sea lions of La Rambla at different times in our lives, and anyone who visits the city should have yours. There is also the current NH Hotel Provincial, in the building designed by Alejandro Bustillo. When the sun goes down, the area is filled with busy street shows.

3. Go to the theater

In the summer, the theatre moves to Mar del Plata. The offer of theatrical shows is very large, and towards there they will make season the big stars. There is something for everyone: from works to the cap to other more expensive in the big theaters.

4. Traveling the shopping streets

Mardel is full of streets where it is possible to take a walk and look at stained glass windows. The most traditional and popular is the pedestrian San Martín, in the center. During the night, other nearby streets become pedestrians and are filled with street shows. On Calle Güemes there is a shopping street where brand premises, designer houses and cafes were installed.

5. Dining at the port

Another classic is to take a walk in the harbor, walk near the fishing boats and try to see the sea lions. The tour ends with a meal fresh out of the sea in one of its restaurants.

Publication Date: 12/12/2019

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