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3 reasons to go to Villa Gesell

Gesell is full of options for all tastes and is one of the most recommended resorts on the Atlantic Coast.
Buenos Aires
Villa Gesell
| 27 January, 2020 |

There are places you never get tired of coming back to. If we talk about the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires, I have my favorite: Villa Gesell. It’s just that this almost magical city is much more than young people out of control during the second half of January. If we move away from the hustle and bustle of the center, it is possible to find many alternatives to enjoy its beaches and forests . And, also, its little streets of sand that invite you to get lost.

1. The endless beaches

To the south, the beaches of Gesell are spreading more and more. This allows us to enjoy the sand and the water without piling up umbrellas. Of course, to find white sands and warm water, we must go much further north (to Brazil, say), but that doesn’t take away the charm. A couple of mates with churros in the afternoon, when the sun goes down, is one of the most incredible pleasures of this life. A tip: to sunbathe, take advantage of the mornings; afternoons are usually much more windy.

2. The Querandí lighthouse

About 35 kilometers south of Villa Gesell, you will find this lighthouse that well worth an excursion. It was opened in 1922 and was the first construction erected in the area, when the city was nothing more than a project. The area is dominated by dunes and bird watching can also be done. The best way to perform this tour is to join some 4×4 van excursion or, why not, rent one and live the experience in the first person.

3. The Pinar del Norte Reserve

In 1993, the Municipality of Villa Gesell decided to fence a total of 143,725 m2 due to the critical state of the forest, the result of constant erosion jeopardize the survival of important tree and ornithological species. Today, it is possible to enjoy the tranquility of its forests and enjoy the museums that are there.

From Yapa: The Old Hobbit

Going to Gesell and not going to Old Hobbit is really a shame. This bar-restaurant is pretty far from the center, but it’s always crowded. There’s a reason. It decoration of the place, its chopped, fondues and craft beers are the best we can find in Mr. Gesell.

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