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10 places to camp in Buenos Aires

The province of Buenos Aires offers several alternatives to take a few days off, camp and go out.

Buenos Aires

At the arrival of every weekend we have the desire to go camping somewhere that is nearby and offers a good environment to camp and spend a few days outdoors. If you are looking for camping places near Buenos Aires we suggest some:

  1. Punta Lara. At 12 km from the city of La Plata, on the bank of the Rio de La Plata, it has campsites with all the comforts. Visit the Marginal Forest of Punta Lara, the southernmost subtropical forest in the world in Boca Cerrada.
  2. Punta de Indio. On the banks of the Rio de La Plata, 90 km from the city of La Plata, with its South Coastal Park, is a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO in the World Biosphere Reserve network.
  3. Chascomús. There are several campsites with camping services. In this area there are a series of lagoons, called Encadenadas lagoons, which make up a unique wetland in the world due to its biodiversity.
  4. Atlantic Coast. Especially in Aguas Verdes there are very organized campsites. Be sure to visit the Punta Rasa Natural Reserve and its crabs in San Clemente del Tuyú and the new Campos del Tuyú National Park in General Lavalle.
  5. Salada Grande Lagoon. Located 5 minutes from Madariaga. The Fishermen's Club offers all services for fishermen and campers. It is part of an Integral Natural Reserve and represents one of the main lagoon environments in the province of Buenos Aires.
  6. Sierra de los Padres. Just 10 minutes from Mar del Plata. Among the campsites in this area is that of La Isla in Laguna de Los Padres, where you can do lake walks in canoes in a very natural environment.
  7. La Brava Lagoon. In Sierra La Brava, located between Mar del Plata and Balcarce. It offers a variety of adventure activities such as water sports, trekking and photo safaris.
  8. Laguna Epecuen. In Carhué, where the ruins of Villa Epecuén are located. The water in the lagoon is hypermarine (ten times higher than the sea). There are campsites and recreational parks with all amenities.
  9. Sierra de la Ventana. The Ernesto Tornquist Natural Reserve and Provincial Park are ideal for trekking and outdoor life. At the base of Cerro Ventana is the base camp from which you can make various trekking excursions and photographic safaris. Within this mountain line is Cerro Tres Picos, the highest point in the province of Buenos Aires with 1239 masl
  10. Tandil. Here is the oldest mountain range in the world, which once had the height of the Andes. Hiking and photographic safaris are available. There are campsites with all services. Do not miss a visit to the Sierra del Tigre Nature Reserve and Sierra de Las Animas.

Source: De Camping

Publication Date: 15/03/2019

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By: ALEJANDRA RAIDAN 25 July, 2019

Buenas tardes, Somos un grupo Scout y estamos programando un campamento con la Manada (chicos de entre 7 y 11 años) de 3 días en Enero. El mismo seria para ir entre el 3 y 5 de Enero o entre el 10 y 12 de Enero de 2020 El contingente te esta compuesto por aproximadamente 20 niños de entre 7 y 11 años y 8 adultos. Necesito saber el las tarifas para armar un presupuesto. Desde ya muchas gracias Siempre Listo

By: Alfredo 16 February, 2020

Nos gustaría saber de camping en la provincia de buenos aires pero sobre rios , como arrecifes, salto ect y con precios ..

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