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Ancasti, a paradise for rest or action

Ancasti is more than a majestic and paradisiacal landscape: it offers a variety of activities to live the catamarque proposal
Ancasti es más que un paisaje majestuoso y paradisíaco
| 05 November, 2019 |

Catamarca has the NorthernDNA in each of its corners, and the department of Ancasti is no exception. Today it is a Catamarque jewel, however, at first it was called Sierra de Santiago and belonged to Santiago del Estero.

Ancasti combines beautiful landscapes, a country style with a lot of archaeological history, as well as rivers that accompany its inhabitants and visitors. The Candelaria Cave and the Tunita are an interesting historical-archaeological proposal. They are natural museums of rock art: the life and customs of ancient hunters and gatherers have been recorded there. Each metre of nature is a resource from which watery culture has been fed and equipped.

Villa Anquincila is a cozy community with dirt roads and a river. The place has sites enabled to carry out camps and a municipal inn. The ones believers and interested people will be able to visit the Chapel Our Lady of the Rosary.

Pinch Dam is an artificial lake that is located 1000 meters above sea level, about the Las Beatas River. If you visit Ancasti, you can not forget your fishing rod, now that sport fishing is a very popular activity on the spot. The pejerreyes and perch are the most wanted.

Tekking and fishing

Fishing for many represents an activity of peace and concentration, but Ancasti has more. Trekking has a spectacular environment that mixes forests, rivers and hills. Locals argue that appreciating the sunrise from its high trails is unforgettable and unique.

The hospitality of the inhabitants of Ancasti is full; the mountain families waiting for a visit will always be prepared with homemade bread, mattes with native herbs and, of course, the little one at the Grill. It is a place where you will live the most intense connection with nature and the mountains. Come to Catamarca, come to Ancasti.

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