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Abra del Acay: another of our records

Abra del Acay is the highest road pass in the world on a national route, and is found no more
Abra_del_Acay argentina ruta 40
| 27 October, 2019 |

Argentines like to accumulate records. But, surely, you didn’t know this one: we have the highest road pass in the world on a national route. That’s right. It is the Abra del Acay, which is also the highest altitude outside Asia. It is no more than 4895 meters high above sea level.

The Abra del Acay, also known as the “nest of the white wind”, is located in the department of La Poma, in the province of Salta. It is the highest point of our emblematic Route 40, which runs through our country from La Quiaca, in Jujuy, to Cape Virgins, in Santa Cruz. At this point, it crosses between the Calchaquíes Valleys and the Puna.

This step was inaugurated on July 9 of 1961 with funds from National Road and the province of Salta. The trace began to be studied in 1943 and the work began in the early 1950s, with interruptions. In order to preserve the natural environment that surrounds it, typical of the high mountain and of great scenic beauty, was declared a monument by Act No. 6808, adopted on 9 November 1995.

If you feel like getting to the Abra del Acay, we leave you some recommendations:
  • Load the fuel tank before starting the route, since the distances between gas stations are large and not There is always fuel at every station on the route.
  • Bring water and food, and a map in paper format.
  • Find out the status of the route before you leave. Sometimes, Route 40 may be closed by landslides or landslides of the route, especially in the summer rainy season.
  • Be careful in the badges and waterways. Consult always before embarking on the journey.
  • Keep in mind that it circulates at high altitude in the Puna and that you can suffer from altitude sickness.
  • In the gravel parts I drove with caution.
  • Wear mountain clothing, blankets and a heater for any problem that may occur that forces you to spend the night on the route. Even in summer, it can be very cold in the Puna.
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