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A little Jujeño corner

The town of Tres Cruces, in the Puna Jujeña, offers a wide variety of experiences to tourists who visit it.
| 19 January, 2019 |

The province of Jujuy has many iconic places that are well above the list of our classics of tourism. However, there are also other sites, not so well known, that have to offer very rich experiences. Today we want to tell you about the town of Tres Cruces.
This is one of the villages of La Puna, which, like all those in the region, retains its customs and traditions intact, which is a great attraction for visitors. Tres Cruces offers a variety of activities ranging from the appreciation of rock paintings to natural circuits.
Located 50 kilometers north of Humahuaca, this town of Puneña has beautiful landscapes and an important heritage value. For example, in Inca Cueva you can observe cave paintings and then enjoy a traditional lunch.
The place of Chicoria Yoc is another circuit that was incorporated into the offer for this season. There tourists can experience the experience of making a pottery and sharing a snack with homemade bread. The tour concludes with a visit to the Museum of Visual Memory, where you can explore the history of Tres Cruces in photos.
In Tres Cruces you can also visit the Puente del Diablo, a circuit that starts from the foot of Cerro de los Gigantes Dormidos. Once on the bridge, visitors are greeted with a tasting of goat cheese, llamas salamines and high wine. In the place you can appreciate the rock formations that have particular details due to the passage of time and wind, and enjoy the pits that are filled with water at this time.
Summer is the ideal season to enjoy this little corner of Jujeño. What are you waiting for?

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