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6 tips for camping for the first time

Going on holiday in tent is not for anyone.


Going on holiday in tent is not for anyone. However, those who do not dare to try are missing experiences they will never have sleeping in hotels. If you feel like trying, but feel insecure, we give you some tips to make your first experience successful.

  1.  The place . If this is the first time you are going to camp, we recommend that you choose a place that is not far from your home: take it as a pilot. If all goes well, you can go a few miles further next time.
  2.  The team . Ideally not to carry so many things, but you don't have to spend any needs. Find out what amenities the campsite is where you are going to stop and avoid moving what is not going to be necessary.
  3.  The preparation . Research as much as you can on the subject. For example, it is essential to practice how to assemble the tent beforehand, so that it is simpler when doing it on the spot.
  4.  The company . As for everything in life, the people with whom you go through this experience will be fundamental. Choose friends with whom you have empathy and can help each other.
  5.  The food . We know that during holiday times we eat a little more messy than usual, but try to balance it by including healthy, easy-to-prepare foods.
  6.  The attitude . Take out your fears and put a positive attitude: if you think things will not work out well, it will probably happen.

Publication Date: 12/01/2019

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