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5 tips to travel backpackers in Patagonia

Backpacker travel around Patagonia is a unique experience. Today we share 5 tips to enjoy this adventure to the fullest.


Backpacking is an option that many choose when it comes to meeting new  destinations . Whether it's because of the spirit of adventure it transmits, direct contact with nature or the opportunity to travel in a low cost way.

 If you are going to venture around Patagonia, you should keep in mind that its territory is super extensive . The region is comprised of 6 provinces (La Pampa,  Neuquén , Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and  Tierra del Fuego ) and has an area of 1043 million km².

The Argentine South has many attractions, both natural and historical, but sometimes some are very far from others. The weather and what you carry in your backpack are other things to consider.  Backpack ? Checked! Carp? Checked! So, let's start.

 Recommendations to consider before embarking on the adventure 

 1-  Collective journeys are usually long, expensive and sometimes require a few hours of waiting.  A very good option to save money is to make a finger or hitchhike . Although we live in times of insecurity, we can choose to ask face to face at gas stations someone we see who is traveling alone, in a particular vehicle. We can also consult a trucker on a fixed route.One thing not to forget is that it's not well seen that you steal the hitchhike site from others. It's some kind of code among backpackers.

 2-  It is possible that, in the middle of a trekking, you will be surprised by the rain or a very strong sun. That's why it is good  to travel with a  tent , sleeping bag, gas or benzine heater, kitchen items, lantern  and all the necessary equipment for a day of camping.

 3-  It is important not to underestimate the climate of Patagonia  , especially if you do not know the place. In some cities, such as  Comodoro Rivadavia,  Río Gallegos and  Ushuaia  , the wind tends to be very strong. Therefore, if you are thinking about camping during your tour,  make sure to place the tent stakes properly .

 4- It is important to make us a space to rest in a hostel . In Patagonia, the offer of this type of accommodation is very good. More tourist cities often have a greater variety of low cost proposals to sleep.It is interesting to take advantage of your stay in these places to exchange experiences with other travelers, not only about the best accommodations, but about possible routes and itineraries.

 5-  Try to save silver before charging your backpack, and also during travel.  Patagonia is expensive, but you can survive.  We recommend that you take advantage of your stay in the hostel to cook for little silver. The success of the budget lies in the pre-planning.

Publication Date: 07/03/2020

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