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5 reasons to visit Mendoza

The province of Mendoza has a beauty capable of moving even the hardest. There are many more, but today we
| 19 October, 2019 |

The province of Mendoza has a beauty capable of moving even the hardest. The landscapes, the weather, the people: everything makes them want to come back again and again. There are many more, but today we want to leave you 5 reasons to visit Mendoza.

1) The city

First things first. The city of Mendoza is a big city and, perhaps, one of the most beautiful in Argentina. Its squares, its parks, its streets, its architecture, its corners: it’s worth it walk around and get lost for a while.

2) The sun

Mendoza is said to be the land of the sun and good wine. And this is very true. The sunny days in that province are most, so it is possible to enjoy the good weather to tour it in all seasons of the year.

3) Wine

We said, then, that it is the earth of the sun and of good wine. The province is one of the main producers of came from Argentina, and that feels in the air. Get to know wineries — big, small, rustic or modern — is one of the nicest things to visit Mr. Mendoza. Even if wine isn’t your thing, wineries and vineyards are really worth it. worth it.

4) The thermal baths

Cacheuta has it all at just one hour travel from the city and in the midst of stunning scenery. The Baths of Cacheuta allow you to relax, disconnect and recharge. It is possible to stay in the therms, enjoy a spa day or visit the water park.

5) The mountains

In summer or winter, with snow or without it, the mountains give the perfect setting to this province that fills your eyes and heart with wonderful landscapes. Hiking is an accessible option for anyone, as there are circuits with different levels of difficulty. If not, just indulging in contemplating them is a more than a good plan


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