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5 museums in Cordoba that you can’t miss

Do you like museums? We set up the tour with museums of Cordoba that you can not forget to visit
useos de Córdoba que no te podés olvidar de visitar
06 November, 2019

Cordoba Capital is not only the heart of the country and the birthplace of the first Argentine University. “La Docta” is characterized by extensive museums and cultural activities.In different areas of the city were established, over the years, walks, exhibitions, spaces and museums offering unique experiences. This part of the province invites us to explore its history through the most didactic museums. We organize your visit to the capital of Cordoba, with a tour that covers the top five of Cordoba’s museums to visit. In addition, we give you this information: every Wednesday of the year tickets are free if you are a student or retired.

Emilio Caraffa Provincial Museum of Fine Arts

A few blocks from Sarmiento Park, the Museum of Emilio Caraffa Arts in the delights with its exhibitions of contemporary and local art. It is named after a artist born in Corrientes, but with trajectory made in the province of Cordoba. This institution has library space, art workshops, instructive tours and 5 floors of art.

Walk of the Good Shepherd

Opened in what was a Women’s Prison, the walk of the Good Shepherd is today constituted as a strategic point to get to know the city. Opened in 2007, it became a meeting space between The Cordobes. Every hour, he offers us a dance water show, musicalized with local quartets. In addition, every week he presents samples of art, painting, sculptures and even musical shows.

Evita Museum – Ferreyra Palace

The Evita Museum, opened in 2007, has a collection of art permanent. This collection belongs to the artistic heritage of Córdoba and, in general, the exhibition of works by Cordoba artists is privileged. In addition to be a masterpiece of Cordoba architecture, the palace became famous for to have been visited by Ernesto “Che” Guevara himself. It is, without a doubt, another of the museums of Cordoba that you can not miss.

Church of the Sacred Heart “Capuchin Fathers”

The Church of Los Capuchinos is a reference point in Gothic art. If we visit the Paseo of the Good Shepherd, immediately our panorama is embellished by this temple. Recently restored, it was the First Artificial Wonder of the City. If you visit Córdoba Capital, you can’t lose knowing a little more about the history of this imposing Church.

Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology belongs to the University National of Córdoba and its Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities. It offers us every month different proposals ranging from educational workshops to activities interactive for all audiences. It has a Heritage Reserve that we tells the history of our country and all its regions.

For to know the visit times and days of operation of the museums of Córdoba, contact the Ministry of Tourism of the City of Córdoba, or click on the links in the note.

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