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5 hiking trails through the ravines and Andean valleys in La Rioja

We propose options for you to explore wonderful landscapes in this beautiful province.


Northern Argentina presents landscapes of unparalleled beauty. The back of Los Andes draws unparalleled corners in the province of La Rioja, with several options for unforgettable hiking trails.
Today we propose five routes through the region, including tours within the Talampaya National Park, a World Heritage Site.
In the fields of La Rioja nature is fragile and wild. This province of the Cuyo Region has many places suitable to be visited by travelers and walkers, especially a set of paths and routes of different difficulties that are distributed throughout the provincial geography.
 1) Quebrada del Condor 
From the Posta los Cóndores, one of the most incredible walks in the region is done, to reach the place that the Andean condors chose to make their nests and teach their pigeons to fly. After a good breakfast in the country, with homemade bread and peach sweet you go out through a maze of granite rocks and yellow pastures, through the chests and streams in search of “La Morada de los Cóndores”.
Slowly, the horizon transforms and into the blue of the sky they begin to see in the distance, immobile watchings that, taking advantage of the rising currents of warm winds, remain suspended for long periods of time, as waiting for the visitor's arrival. The condors appear offering their welcome, fly in circles, rise, climb and descend in a choreography almost designed for the traveler.
 2) El Chiflon Provincial Park 
In El Chiflon Provincial Park, the trekking tour is almost mandatory. The hike begins in the visitor center, from where local guides accompany tourists through a multicolored ravine, which dazzles at every step by the variety of landscapes that combine in the same place.
Petrified trunks, millennial rocks and the wind blowing in the ravine make this tour a must be missed on the way to Villa Union or Talampaya National Park.
 3) Quebrada de Don Eduardo and Ciudad Perdida - Talampaya National Park
In the Talampaya National Park, a World Heritage Site, you can take hikes led by specialized guides and enter the bowels of the gigantic sedimentary sandstone formations.
The walk to the Don Eduardo ravine begins in the visitor center of the national park, where the guide is hired. The different terrain, the countless species of birds that are seen during the march and the crossing guanacos tropillas fill with color and emotions this unforgettable tour.
 4) Quebrada de la Troy 
Magnificent mountain landscapes invite you to discover huge valleys where the colors of silence begin to unfold their landscape magic. The picturesque Cuesta de La Troya that begins in Vinchina, the last of the Departments in a precordilleran area, crosses curves and countercurves as part of one of the journeys that marvels any mortal.
The chromatic universe is silent before a different nature that challenges you to know it, where you not only recognize its real value, but you are stealthy to unravel its beauty. With the necessary logistics, it is possible to arrive in the company of specialists who not only know the area as the palm of their hand, but perfectly instruct the ascent to a full-time journey.
 5) Station 5 del Cable Carril 
Over a hundred years of standing carries this monumental construction. Cable Carril National Monument, which connects Chilecito with the abandoned La Mejicana mine, has at its feet a path that connects all its stations and runs from 1095 meters to 4200 meters above sea level where the mine is located.
This particular hike, in which you reach station No. 5, has a logistics that involves being able to sleep a night in the mountains, enjoying the sun and stars for two days on pure adventure.
After crossing Santa Florentina, at the foot of station No. 3 of the cable lane, the walk begins to slowly climb down a ravine where the cable towers and a small stream mark the way forward. Scented with aromatic herbs, the trail performs small curves and countercurves.

Source: Diario del Viajero

Publication Date: 02/02/2019

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