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5 camping proposals for your adventure

The way to live the adventure is different for everyone, that's why we suggest 5 camping sites to live a unique experience according to you in Tucumán.


Tucumán is the smallest province in the country, but its geographical configuration and culture offer endless places to have a good time. Now we focus on camping, activity that you can do in a weekend. Even if you are from Tucumán, get out of camping helps you get to know the province in a different way.

Five camping sites:

1. Capital

You're going to think “what can I find in capital”... well in the Park 9 de Julio there is a site for camping. The reasons that can lure you to camp in the city maybe it's time or use it as a place of passage. While overall experience may be limited, it is a proposal close, at least for those who try.

2. The Cadillal

Minutes from the capital city. This possibility will be more attractive for those who love water. Canyoning, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing and fishing are also available. In addition to other activities such as mountain biking and hiking on the cable car. There are places to spend some time in social life like bars. The view is sensational.

3. San Pedro

Just over an hour's drive from the capital of Tucuman. What we find here is a slower, quieter life model. You can visit its zoos and ecological reverses, go to the square, make a religious walk. It's a relaxation proposal.

4. Tafí del Valle

The proposal is similar to that of San Pedro, but here you probably enjoy a lot of trekking and horseback riding to get to different places. The landscape, the valleys, represent a unique view and transmit that energy. It is a city that is growing more and more, but that maintains that spirit of people.

5. The Mollar

This place is minutes from Tafí del Valle, but the intensity is greater, there is a more active social life, especially the weekends. Very chosen by young people. Its lake is an attraction for water sports. Dances and peñas are very popular and popular evening offers to spend a weekend there.

These are ideas for you to choose your best destination. There are different campsites in each locality, you will find one that suits what you are looking for. Some have more comforts than others. The important thing is that you define what kind of adventure you want to live and just start the journey. Camping nights are energizing and refreshing for those who live them.

Publication Date: 04/12/2019

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