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4 Pots of Cordoba: Fishing Paradise

We make you a top of the places where you can do sport and recreational fishing in Cordoba: the fishing paradise. Go get the cane ready.


We don't have a port, but we have a lighthouse. We have no sea, but we have lakes. And deep dikes, surrounded by incredible landscapes where sport fishing is allowed. For lovers of this sport , Cordoba is a fishing paradise. Since there are festivals and traditions around this activity . And, in addition, the species of fish that inhabit our dikes and lakes are very diverse.


Cordoban waters are the biggest attraction forfishermen from all over the world , who come to this fishing paradise and install their boats, their reeds andstart the adventure of Cordoba. This activity can be carried out all year round . Pejerrey fishing is the most striking and amateur activity. It is fishing with bottom line and float. The “rocker”, the “flight line” and the “chirimbolo” are the most used equipment for this type of prey. As bait is used a live mojarra, shrimp, filet of teeth and worm.

The small water mirrors that house in their depths the most cherished species are the following:

1. The Pichanas Dam, to the Northwest

150 km from the capital of Cordoba, the Pichanas dam houses indescribable beauties around it. Native forests of Quebracho colorado, Orco Quebracho and other species give its special touch to this fishing paradise.

2. The Vineyard Dam

If you are a fan of fishing, you know the Dique la Viña as one of the jewels of Cordoba. To practice this sport, this place is one of the busiest.

3. The Drawer

In the center of Punilla you will find this little corner of good. This is a strategic point for fishing. But also to know must-see places. Close to Capilla del Monte and other wonders of Cordoba, El Cajón invites us to visit it.

Publication Date: 09/06/2020

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