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4 options of missionary tourism in the Falls

We know that the main attraction of missionary tourism is the Falls, but the province offers much more to live
| 30 October, 2019 |

The motor of missionary tourism is the Falls, but the proposals are not limited only to the Devil’s Throat and there are many options to fully enjoy this province.

1) Ecotourism

Here we will find options that will not only lead us to see jumps and waterfalls, they will also give us the possibility of being side by side with the original cultures of the region and get to know them better. From hunting and fishing techniques to crafts.

2) Adventure Tourism

This is an alternative for those who want to live missions with adrenaline. You can enjoy cycling, canoping, wet rapelling, trekking, hiking, rappel, jungle bicking, 4×4 crossing and many more activities. You’ll put your courage on a par with nature. Missionary tourism ensures that you will always be accompanied by guides and specialized people.

3) Birdwatching

A province with 70 reserves represents a huge capital of flora and fauna. Birds represent a unique attraction for national and international tourism. He movement when flying, its flutter and, above all, its colors are the main focus of thousands of cameras and eyes that admire the splendor of nature.

4) Accommodation in the jungle

In the jungle, the next to waterfalls and animals, you will find a lodging center. Are hotels that are located in the same jungle, but that have all the amenities that a tourist may need. If you come to experience tourism missionary, you can wake up in a comfortable room overlooking a forest Awesome.

Sustainability is essential in these areas of nature reserves. Missionary tourism is responsible for controlling and ensuring that each undertaking meets the minimum required standards. This ensures that companies and individuals who carry out activities within Misiones do so without damaging the environment, or reducing the maximum possible damage.

If you come to Misiones, here we gave you 4 options to live the Falls in a different way, some quieter and others more adventurous, which will guarantee you a unforgettable experience.

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