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4 must-see places in La Rioja

If you travel to this province, we recommend 4 must-see places in La Rioja to live a different tourist experience
La Rioja
4 lugares imperdibles en La Rioja
| 10 November, 2019 |

La Rioja marks the border of northwestern Argentina to the south and combines its own attractions with others in the Cuyoregion. The foothills impose conditions: the landscape in La Rioja is semi-desert, temperatures are high during the day and low at night. Today we want to tell you 4 must-see places in La Rioja.

Talampaya National Park

The rock formations are the main attraction, as well as the fauna and activities you can find. You will be able to make crossings in Talampaya Canyon in comfortable vehicles or 4×4 for a more intense experience. The Triassic Trail surrounds you with the dinosaurs that reigned in the place.

Ravine of the Condors

It is a nature reserve in the south of the province. The “plains of Riojanos” offer eco adventure, hiking, trekking, horseback riding and relaxation spaces. Its main attraction is the viewpoints of condors. The condor is king of the Andes and we can see him go through the skies of Riojan. We can do this in the two sites enabled: Mirador Las Higueras and Mirador de Santa Cruz.

Laguna Brava

A reserve located west of La Rioja. It is a lagoon surrounded by salt. It is a meeting place for flamingos, vicuñas, guanacos, pumas and migratory birds. Nearby you will find volcanoes that exceed 6 thousand meters and other mountains. Guided tours are the main activity, and they are of different difficulties so that everyone can enjoy the adventure. It is undoubtedly another of the must-see places in La Rioja.

Los Sauces Dam

It is an artificial lake with crystal clear water and is the number one choice for water sports practitioners. Pejerrey fishing and sailing trip are very popular. You can also enjoy rappelling, trekking or climbing. The view is beautiful, and you have a place nearby for camping.

If you are adventurous, if you like to mix history and nature, put your destination in the GPS and live La Rioja.

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