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4 benefits of connecting with nature

A study reveals the benefits it brings to health.

We already intuited it, but now  science confirms it: connecting with  nature is beneficial for health in several ways. According to an article published by the journal  Observer of the United States Psychology Association,  natural environments  promote psychological well-being, improve our attention, reduce aggressiveness and promote the recovery of patients who have suffered surgical operations.
Here are the 4 most important benefits of connecting with  nature :

  1.  Improves mood and self-esteem:  The study found that it is enough to exercise five minutes in contact with nature to see the results.
  2.  Encourage concentration:  Experts divided 38 students into two groups. The members of one group were made to walk around the city; the other, through a natural environment. The results showed that students who toured the city had lower performance in the concentration.
  3.  Reduces irritability:  It was concluded that people who had greater contact with nature performed better in discipline-related tasks.
  4.  Low levels of depression and anxiety:  94% of people who contacted nature were found to benefit their mental health and reduced their depression.
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