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3 tours in the Campo de los Alisos National Park

In the Campo de los Alisos National Park, in Tucumán, you can discover jungle, forest and Inca ruins. We tell you 3 tours.


Few national parks in our country host such a rich variety of experiences as the Campo de los Alisos National Park in Tucumán. There you can discover jungle, forest and Inca ruins. Today we want to tell you 3 tours to do within the Park, according to what you are most interested in knowing.

The Campo de los Alisos National Park was created in 1995 to protect a representative sector covering the eco-regions of the Yungas and the High Andes. It is the only national park with ruins of a citadel, tambo and Inca Trail inside.

Whatever the circuit that choose, it is condition to give notice to the park ranger to be registered.

  • The allowance. It is located at 1680 meters above sea level. The route crosses the area known as the mountain forest, where biodiversity is surprising, and then reaches the montane forest. From the entrance to the park, the ascent takes between 5 and 6 hours.
  • The Waterfall. It is located 2700 meters above sea level. There, the high Andean grassland is considered one of the most beautiful panoramas in the area. From the entrance to the park, this circuit takes two days of tour. From La Mesada, it can be accessed after about 7 hours of walking. It is necessary to contact the park prior days to coordinate the departure with a site guide.
  • Archaeological ruins of the Citacite or Pueblo Viejo. These Inca ruins consist of enclosures built on the edge of the mountain, from a ceremonial field of rectangular shape called “ Kalasasaya.” There is the Puerta del Sol, where the Incas measured exactly the summer solstice. This circuit requires a good physical condition and some training in the ascent of mountains. The duration of this climb requires 4 days for the first leg and 3 days for the descent.

Publication Date: 25/10/2019

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