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Three ideal destinations for trekking in Patagonia

Enjoy the best landscapes in the best way: from within!

Trekking Patagonia

 Argentinian Patagonia  overflows beauty wherever you look at it, and the best way to appreciate it is to immerse yourself directly in its  nature  .  Trekking  is a great way to explore these beautiful  landscapes  in the south of our country. We tell you about 3 ideal  destinations  to practice and immerse yourself in adventure.
 Big Ice (El Calafate) 
Did you know that it is possible to walk inside the  Perito Moreno glacier ? It is a road full of blue lagoons, sinks, caves and cracks. To make this journey, it is mandatory to go with authorized guides and use crampons. The approximate duration of the tour is three and a half hours, plus half an hour of lunch on the ice.
 Glacier Torre (El Chaltén) 
This tour consists of several sections. The first runs through a beautiful forest of lengas and ñires to the first viewpoint of Cerro Torre. The second stretch reaches where the Fitz Roy River is born, which crosses a zip line. From that moment on, crampons are needed to be able to walk to the center of the  glacier  through cracks, sinks and caves. The tour has a total duration of three hours and offers unparalleled views.
 Krugger Lake (
  Trekking starts in Puerto Limonao, within  Los Alerces National Park , and you can choose to sail Lake Futalaufquen, passing through the Strait of Monsters, or make the long road on foot. Then you should border the River Frey, on a walk that allows you to observe a wide variety of fauna. The full tour takes about 12 hours, one-way, but it's really worth it!

Publication Date: 31/03/2019

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