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3 best places to travel with teenage children

Patagonia Argentina has thousands of trails hidden in incredible environments, which you must meet with your teenage children.

 Patagonia  covers a vast territory that begins in the province of La Pampa and ends on Isla de los Estados, in  Tierra del Fuego . It consists of six provinces and almost two million square kilometers. It has thousands of  trails  hidden along dissimilar landscapes. It is impossible to name them all on a single note. That's why we have three ideal areas to do with  teenage children . An  experience  that will mark them for the rest of their lives.

El Chalten, Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy

We start with the  capital of the National Trekking ,  El Chaltén , a town located 220 kilometers north of El Calafate, a land of glaciers, in  Santa Cruz . Also ideal for  hiking , according to locals “the best place to do it in all Argentina”. The village has  dozens of amazing trails  that lead to different views of the  mountains    Fitz Roy  and Torre  (among other imposing mountains). The  most popular walks  are Laguna de los Tres, which takes approximately 10 hours round trip, and Laguna Torre is about eight hours. The best time to do them is between October and March.
With the first one you reach a lagoon with a perfect view of the Fitz Roy, probably  the most picturesque viewpoint  of the hike, surrounded by  three glaciers  (that's why it is called that). Walking along the trail you will see  lenga forests , lagoons, rock walls and streams. The difficulty is only high in the last part, it is only 300 meters walking on a surface at 45º. The rest of the way is medium and can be done without major drawbacks.
The  Laguna Torre trail  that starts in the village is less challenging than the previous one, but no less beautiful. The tour ends in a lagoon with pieces of glacier ice drifting to end. It is surrounded by a  mountain range  where  Cerro Torre is located, one of the most difficult and extraordinary climbs in the world.
The  weather  is unpredictable, therefore it is desirable to stay no less than 3 nights in  El Chaltén , to make them with clear sky. In addition to these two trails, there are others, such as: Loma del Please Tumbado, Laguna Diablo, Borderline Laguna Larga,  Petrified Forest  La Leona.
As an additional track, if you want to have a lifetime  expedition  , don't miss the  Trekking  on the  Cagliero Glacier  . This is an exciting and demanding excursion in an unexplored corner of the El Chalten area. This trekking combines a hike through the beautiful  native forest  of the Diablo River Valley in Estancia Los Huemules, and the action and excitement of progressing on the rock through a vr...iacute; a ferrata (the combination of climbing and zip lining). Although it is an intense expedition, it is also part of the  best pedestrian excursions  in Patagonia.

Bariloche to Esquel

 Bariloche , in Rio Negro, is definitely a great place to combine  hiking and adventure . Many forests, mountains, rivers and lakes invite you to stay at least a week. One of the best ways to discover this area is to rent a car and combine hiking through  magical places .
Let's start with the suggestions of  Los Alerces National Park  (  UNESCO  site), which owns many trails through ancient forests of these trees which, next to the Sequoia, are the  longest  in the world. The minimum time of stay is two days. Some short walks are born from  the city of Esquel  , particularly the one that links the  Menéndez  and  Verde  lakes. It is a picturesque two-hour march that surrounds an island between both lakes. To reach the islet you cross a hanging bridge over a colorful river and you also have the possibility to navigate to unspoilt areas such as Swan Lake or Millennial Larch.
If you continue to the north along  the mythical Route 40 , you will reach   El Bolsón .  .  This is a place where you will find some of  the best hikes  in Northern Patagonia, with many shelters and different levels of difficulty. The classics are  Refugio Hielo Azul  and  Refugio Piltiquitrón  . You can spend the night in both places, you will live an unforgettable experience, the sky there gives you some must-see  landscapes  . Another option is to take a full-day hike to  El Cajón del Azul,  which is an area where the Rio Azul creates a natural basin where they can jump and swim if they cheer up.
Continuing further north, and approximately two hours from El Bolson, you will reach  Bariloche . From there you can take full day hikes to different places, such as  Refugio Frey  (in the Cathedral),  Refugio López , or immerse yourself in multi-day hikes that unite them by walking through the edge of the mountains.  Pampa Linda  is another picturesque route to do. The best time is from October to March.  Cerro Tronador  is also a stunning place to visit, as at the top has a glacier, right on the border with Chile.
Going further north, and already in the province of Neuquén, is  Villa La Angostura.  A walk inside   Los Arrayanes National Park   is very charming. Then, along the route of the 7 lakes, you will reach  San Martín de los Ande s, in the Lanín National Park, where the  Lanín volcano is located. For climbing lovers it is a great experience, and it ends close to the Villa Pehuenia area.

Tierra del Fuego

 Ushuaia  has many different trails for half-day or full-day experiences. The most classic is the one that is located within the  Tierra del Fuego National Park , which will allow you to see the different ecosystems that exist on the island. It's an easy walk. Another popular is  Laguna Esmeralda , a 4-5 hour march towards a turquoise lagoon, with graceful views of the Andean  mountain range . The  Mitre Peninsula  is also a very nice and remote area to explore.

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