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3 amazing places in San Rafael

San Rafael (Mendoza) offers endless places that leave those who visit them breathless. Today we want to tell you 3
05 October, 2019

Outside the typical circuits, San Rafael ( Mendoza) offers endless places that leave those who visit them breathless. A land full of natural beauties and beautiful experiences to enjoy. Today we want to tell you 3 amazing places in San Rafael:

  1. Atuel Falls. In the district of El Sosneado there is a unique but not so well-known attraction: the Atuel Falls. There you can find guides who know the area and make trips to the falls. Horseback riding can be performed to cover 60 km to the ruins of the thermal hotel, which is very close to the border with Chile. A unique experience reserved only for the brave. The waterfalls are impressive because they are the only ones of their kind in this part of the country, where mountains and melting rivers predominate.
  2. Diamond Salt Flats. Located in the El Nihuil district, Salinas del Diamante is a National Protected Area in the province of Mendoza. It is a huge open pit salt mine, located 60 km from the city of San Rafael. There is the Salt Museum, which serves as an information point for people who want to visit the Salinas. Both at the entrance to the museum and in the vicinity of the saline there are machines that were formerly used to extract the mineral.
  3. Overo Volcano. Overo Volcano is steps from the El Sosneado district, at the source of the Atuel River . Located in the heart of the Cordillera de los Andes, it is a geological formation of more than 4600 meters high. The Overo is an inactive volcano and is therefore crowned by eternal glaciers. It is an ideal place to perform superior andinismo.

Meet these and other amazing places in San Rafael.

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