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The root of the wine

A ruby red wine with bluish edges that stand out with good shine.
Wines & sparkling wines
Un vino de color rojo rubí con ribetes azulados que se destacan con buen brillo.
| 04 July, 2019 |

The birth of winemaking in our country occurs when the first vines enter what would later become the city of Jump and to the area of Cafayate, coming from the Upper Peru around the year 1543.

In 1557, the Jesuits already counted in Santiago del Estero with important plantations for the time. In 1561, when Pedro del Castillo makes the founding expedition of Mendoza, brought with him vines, and so did Juan Jufré a year later in the midst of “colonization” of the Huarpes tribes, who were the inhabitants of the region. It is estimated that in 1564, the first harvest was obtained in Mendoza lands.

Completed the The first World War, in 1919, Argentine wines gained renown, as their quality was rising, and the “European strains” gave excellent results in these lands and their

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