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Musical octaves

Pedro Aznar, Argentine bassist and composer renowned in the world, refers to the magic that wine provokes in the company
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| 17 February, 2020 |

“ Wine is the noblest drink there is, it invites you to meet, to talk, to have a long table taking peace with friends, watching the sun go down, telling beautiful stories, sharing music, poetry… it’s a little liquid poetry” (Pedro Aznar)

A few years ago, Pedro Aznar, had a quasi-fortuitous encounter with Marcelo Pelleriti and a path of adventure, friendship and pleasure called Abremunerdos was opened for them.

It is from 2012 that they shape the design of the winery in the Uco Valley, in Mendoza, where Pedro is not a guest to the banquet. He studied at Sommelier and actively participates in all the processes.

In Abremunerdos music is very present and the faithful reflection of this is the octaves present in their bottles . Octave Bassa is represented as “8vb” and serves on the staff, to tell a musician to perform a passage a lower octave.

Octave Bassa, too, is the beginning of the lines of the Winery and is a 100% Malbec vineyards of the Uco Valley. It is made with a microvinification system in 225 lts French oak barrels placed vertically and removing some of the tapas. This serves, among other things, to have under control all the variables that affect fermentation in a manageable volume and achieve a unique assembly with the wood.

The breeding process is carried out for 16 months in barrels, also of the same type of oak and then goes through a well-deserved rest in bottles for 6 more months.

This melody in the process allows us to drink a very harmonious and robust wine , with ripe fruit well marked and present. With no edges that tune in its composition, it owns a purple color with clear edges. Palate of mild tannins, homogeneous acidity, slightly sweet tooth and a long finish conclude the symphony of flavors and aromas.

“ The pillar of any art is poetry. I think there’s a poetic look that you apply to any artistic discipline you dedicate yourself to. Making wine is an art… besides a science” says Peter and continues “… then the same applies for wine, you have to have a poetic look and the fact that Marcelo is a musician of course that brings you, because the music also has some architecture, of proportions. The wine also has a lot of architecture, of proportions, of counterpoints, of notes, of sonorities, of textures, of detal

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