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For enophiles and newcomers

Juanchi Baleiron is the guitarist and singer of Los Pericos, who in addition to his passion for music, opened the
| 05 April, 2020 |

Malbecgrapes were introduced to Argentina in the mid-19th century, when provincial governor Domingo Faustino Sarmiento urged the French agronomist Miguel Pouget to bring cuttings of French vines from Quinta Normal in Chile.

Sarmiento met Pouget in Chile, during his exile, and convinced him to replicate the initiative of having an experimental site in Mendoza, similar to the Paris Normal School, with the aim of promoting agriculture in the region.

Among the vines that Pouget brought in 1852 was the first malbec to be planted in the country. Since that time it had a great spread, reaching almost 58,000 hectares in 1966.
Malbec is the most chosen strain by Argentines and the one that best adapted to our terroirs making them own.

Juanchi Baleiron, guitarist and singer of Los Pericos, has also established a relationship with wine that goes beyond that of an amateur and especially with this strain.
A few years ago he presented Malbecaster, a malbec 100% from the Uco Valley (Mendoza), with 12 months in barrel. A wine designed to taste the enophile and the newcomer, with pretensions to be the companion of the roast and the meeting of friends.

With a good body and lots of fruit. Wood present only to be the backbone that holds a ripe grape that sprouts from the glass. Slightly spicy and the tannins needed to accompany a well seasoned dominguera pasta . It is the wine that stains its passage with the purple tannins that have grown in its skin until the right moment.

As for its name, it comes from the combination of the chosen grape with the body of Stratocaster guitars. Two words that are pronounced the same everywhere, and are unknown to anyone.

“ I like to break the mold of those who usually consume wine and I corrode it with this. It is an easy wine to enter and for those who want to climb a step in this world. It makes me happy to know that it is a product that triumphs on its own, not because I do it, it has its own identity.”

In Argentina, several characters from the music world knew how to enter the vineyards and he did so through a discovery. They gave him a merlot and he was stunned. With a friend sommelier and journalist he began to take courses and nothing was the same.

In his opinion, the world of music and the world of wine have in common a creative process that arises from an inspiration, an intuition, a handling of each one’s instruments, an experience and a taste for something. AND

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