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Between the Diaguitas and the Jesuits

I present you a Torrontés Riojano perfect to take as a refreshing aperitif before a meal or accompany the delicate
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16 November, 2019

When talking about “Creole grape” we are referring to the mission grape. A variety of Vitis vinifera introduced from Spain by Catholic missionaries in the New World. It was used to make wine from mass, table and fortified.

Recently it was discovered that this grape was the LISAN PRITEN. The mission grape is related to the Argentine pink grape called Creole and is one of the mother strains of torrontés. The other is the Muscat of Alexandria.

Torrontés is produced only in Argentina and has an incomparable taste. It is found throughout all regions of the country and is affirming itself as the signature of Argentine white wine.

In our country there are 3 types of Torrontés: the mendocino and sanjuanino who have more skills for fresh consumption and the Riojano that is the most cultivated and the one that expresses the best qualities for the elaboration of fine wines, very fruity and at the same time dry. The latter has won several international awards.

The Famatina Valley is located in the province of La Rioja and offers magnificent views and a very good drainage soil. It owns a special microclimate, with hot and dry summer days, with cool nights that combine with the pure air and the desert topography of the valley to ensure unmatched conditions for the growth and ripening of grapes.

Rain is scarce with only between 100 and 200 mm per year, which is why water for irrigation is extracted from wells up to 200 m deep.

Surrounded by the Velasco and Famatina mountains that are detached from the impressive Andes mountain range, you will find the Winery Valle de la Puerta.

Its vineyards are found in lands inhabited by the Diaguitas, native towns of La Rioja, Argentina, hundreds of years ago. And to honor that Diaguita culture and its heritage, the winery has adopted some of its symbols to represent its wines.

The cougar they use in their logo and the The Gate represents the supreme earthly being by its wisdom, strength and intelligence. And these are the attributes used by his winemaker Javier Collovati to carry forward their creations.

Among them stands out a greenish-yellow Torrontés with intense aromas reminiscent of flowers such as roses, jasmine and geraniums. With a citrus touch very characteristic of the variety. While its aromas anticipate a sweet wine, its taste reveals a fresh acidity. In the mouth appear the flavors of pure fruit salad, with hints of oregano and honey. It is elegant and very persistent in the finish.

It is the perfect wine to drink as a refreshing aperitif before a meal or accompany the delicate flavors of fish and seafood. It also works well with aromatic and spicy dishes from India, China and Thailand. And, of course, he does very well with regional meals.

The Diaguitas formed an Aboriginal people of high cultural level, of notable farmers, who faced two empires: the Inca and the Spanish. And this cultural heritage marks the development of the grapes that are grown in La Rioja and that constitute the spirit of La Puerta.

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