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Argentine wine conquers the world

A miniseries launched in the United States by Wines of Argentina tells the American public about the attractions of Argentine
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Una miniserie lanzada en Estados Unidos por Wines of Argentina le cuenta al público norteamericano os atractivos del vino argentino
| 10 June, 2019 |

The classic romantic story — tangles, misunderstandings and confusions- is serving the wine to make itself known to the American public.

And the one who drives this initiative is a consortium of Argentine wineries in its mission to win external markets. The miniseries “Vino Argentino: A Blind Tasting Story” recounts the encounter between two young people. A successful producer of craft beer from California, and an outstanding Argentine sommellier. Thanks to an involuntary confusion they start a tour of the various wine-growing regions of Argentina. Until they realized that they have much more in common than they could imagine.

The production has international standards and targets an audience accustomed to seeing quality fictions. And the chosen format effectively combines the technique with the content strategy linked to the positioning plan.

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