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What is a reserve wine?

Sometimes, we can get dizzy in descriptions that give us the labels, and end up not knowing what and how
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| 24 July, 2019 |

One of the legends we can find is the word Reserva. And namely, a Reserva is a wine of 2 calendar years, of which it remains for a minimum of 12 months in barrel and the rest (usually 12 months) in bottle. This means that we are in the presence of a vinification with passage through wood, so that from it we will obtain, regardless of the chosen strain, flavors and aromas with vanilla, chocolateand leather contributed by oak in its contact year at least.

The 12 months of storage in your bottle will round the tannins, allowing a wine without edges and sufficiently harmonized, amalgamating all its components.

CASARENA Bodega y Viñedos is a wine project that pays tribute to the rich tradition of Agrelo and Perdriel in Luján de Cuyo, two of the best terroirs in Mr. Mendoza. At a height of 945 meters above sea level, in the Upper Valley of the MendozaRiver, these unsurpassed denominations house some of the oldest and most prized vineyards in the province of Cuyana.

Today, we meet the architect of his wines. Leandro Azin, member of a new generation of talented winemakers that gives us a Reserve of one of the most widespread strains in the world.

Rama Negra is a line of wines from Bodega Casarena, with a 100% pure Cabernet Sauvignon reserve with a passage of 13 months by first use French oak.

Intense color with ruby hue. Nose of great variety: roasted pepper and spices well integrated with the wood. In the mouth it is sweet, juicy, voluminous to the middle of the mouth, agile and structured; balanced and persistent. A Cabernet of pure strain.

Undoubtedly, a great representative for labels that show off the word Reserva and that with great garbo contain flavors and aromas of two years of work and that we will always discover, when placing on the table, a Reserva.

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