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What is a detox and what is it for?

Doing detox is to cleanse your body through a healthy and balanced diet that helps to eliminate toxins.
| 03 September, 2019 |

What is detox feeding?

Doing detox is to cleanse your body through a healthy and balanced diet that helps to eliminate toxins. These toxins can enter our body through air, food or water, or through the skin. With detox we help to work better our organs more involved in the proper functioning of our body, it is to help the purification that they themselves perform every day.

With detox you cleanse and remove toxins from your body, but it is also important that you make small modifications in your eating habits. Therefore, you must inform yourself to know how to do it and what detox plan to follow.

What are its benefits?

The main goal of a detox program is to reduce the increase in toxins in the body. Each person will have a different experience and the benefits for the future are manifold.

How are juices prepared?

All our juices are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, without any additives or preservatives. The juices are cold pressed to extract all vitamins, minerals and enzymes in their pure state so that they are easy to digest for the body.

The juices go through a process of putting them under very high pressure to keep them fresh for longer and do not lose any of their properties.

Our plans:

Anyone who proposes it can do a detox. If you are encouraged to do so, we suggest you consult with a health professional or ask for a consultation with our team.

Our programs can be carried out weekly, fortnightly and monthly. We recommend them as a supplement to your daily life, regardless of whether you perform the detox or not. Making a detox one day a week is an excellent strategy to maintain your habits, as it will make you much more aware of what you eat throughout the week. Everything will depend on the days of each program and the characteristics of each person.

Each day is made up of 4 bottles of 500 ml each. The program is tailored to your needs:

Example of juices:

Lemon: lemon, ginger, turmeric. This juice improves your level of defenses. Detoxifying.

Orange: carrot, apple, lemon, ginger. This juice is ideal for strengthening the immune system and energizes the skin. Energizing.

Violet: beets, apple, lemon, ginger and cranberries. This juice is ideal for giving the body vitamin C, iron and calcium. Antioxidant

Pure Green: apple, spinach, celery or cucumber, ginger and lemon. This juice serves to purify the body and improve fluid retention. Revitalizing.

You can also choose to order only 1 taste (4 lemon or 4 orange, for example).

Important: If you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding, it is advisable not to do a detox. If you’re diabetic, consult a professional.

Incorporating detox juices into your daily diet will be very healthy for your body. If you have any questions, we suggest you consult your doctor and/or nutritionist. It is very important to consult the health professional: it is not so easy to opt for detox if you are not supervised. There are many people with various pathologies who should be careful before opting for detox.

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