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What a trout this food!

For those who like it, here is the recipe of the typical Mendoza trout. In Uspallata or in the Uco
la receta de la típica trucha mendocina.
| 09 November, 2019 |

Mendoza, a region recognized internationally for its wines, but also for its mountains and majestic landscapes. Mountains adorned by rivers and streams of the thawing of eternal snows adorning the peaks of our summits. But also, those rivers and streams are the perfect habitat for hundreds of species that take advantage of crystal clear water to live. But this is not a note of biology or of nature. What happens is that one of those hundreds of species is the “trout.”

Where to get them

It is a freshwater fish and that is why the icy waters of the Uco Valley or Uspallata are very good. In fact, in those localities it is where the best trout in Mendozaare eaten. So, for example, the river Tupungato counts in its flow with specimens of more than half a kilo. The most important river and namesake to our province also has its trout, and of all varieties, such as Rainbow or Brown. On the other hand, the Potrerillos dam is the best area to get them, as it houses fish up to 2 kilos. Although it is always important to clarify that fishing in these cases is fully regulated and those concerned must be empowered and comply with the rules in force.

It should also be noted that in Mendoza there are trout farms, such as La Trout Tranqui, in Tunuyán, where, in addition to trout, you can spend a weekend in cabins facing the mountain.

How to cook them

Like any meal, there are multiple ways to make trout. But here we leave you the typical way to eat them in Mendoza.

Trout in foil

Place each trout on a sheet of foil, previously moistened with butter or oil spray so that it does not stick. Season them with salt and pepper. Put some lemon and onion slices on them. Spray it with olive oil. Close the foil by wrapping everything and sealing the together. Put them on the grill with a lot of grill. Cook them only on one side for 20 minutes. I opened the paper and make sure the fish is white. Opaque. Eat and suck your fingers. It is always good to accompany these dishes with side dishes such as mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes. And always, of course, with white wine.

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