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Traditional sauerkraut

A very simple recipe made from only 3 ingredients.
| 13 September, 2019 |

Sauerkraut is nothing more than cabbage fermented in brine (salted water), has a high content of vitamins and is a natural probiotic, full of bacteria beneficial to our intestine. Most of the sauerkraut sold packaged are processed, have additives and are not as beneficial to our digestive system as homemade sauerkraut. That’s why it’s worth doing it at home, being also a really simple process; made from only 3 ingredients.


  • 1 kg white cabbage
  • 2 large onions
  • 20 gr salt (1 tablespoon)
  • Spices, herbs, seeds, other varieties of cabbage and vegetables (optional).


Remove the outer layers and carefully wash it without rubbing; the bacteria that will help in the process of Fermentation is found in these layers. Cut it into quarters and remove the stem. Cicselle him. The finer the faster you ferment.

Weigh the amount of ciselled cabbage and add 2% salt and onion in julienne. Optionally, spices, herbs, seeds, other varieties of cabbage and vegetables can be added to it. Wash your hands very well and massage it for 5 minutes until this pot all your juices. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and then place it in a container to store it, pressing hard so that it is submerged. If the cabbage is not immersed in its brine, wild molds will proliferate and the ferment will spoil. Moulds grow in contact with air, that is, they are aerobic. Therefore, the less air inside the bottle, the more unlikely the appearance of unwanted microorganisms.

Leave to ferment for at least two weeks (fermentation time varies depending on the preferred acidity point of each palate. It can be left to ferment more than one year) at a temperature of 18 ℃ to 24 ℃ preferably or at room temperature. The less temperature oscillation you have, the better you ferment. Once opened or started consumption, book in cold.

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