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A cellar located in a building dating back to 1921.
Wines & sparkling wines
Una bodega emplazada en un edificio que data de 1921
| 29 July, 2019 |

The origins of the Department of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, must go back to the exploration and colonization work carried out by Captain Juan Hilario de Coria y Bohórquez. In the place known by the indigenous people by the name of Lanyení, that neighbor founded one of his chakras, which were called Chacras de Coria, and named an important district of the department.

Clos de Chacras is a family winery with a small production centered in the high quality of its wines. The property is located in the heart of the Chacras district of Coria.

In the meantime, the French word clos refers to wine-growing property surrounded by a wall, usually of monastic origin (related to monks or their lifestyle).

Clos de Chacras produces the lines Cavas de Crianza, Eretiá and Gran Rtipe.

The grapes used to make Cavas de Crianza come from prestigious wine-growing areas that have with plenty of hours of sunshine and great thermal amplitude, which allows them to obtain high quality grapes. They also work on soils of different textures, thus allowing to achieve wines of great intensity of color, of an elegant aromatic expression and structure ideal for keeping.

The 2014 Blend is made with 40% Malbec, 30% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.

A good depth of color can be seen in which the violet dyes characteristic of the Oh ,Malbec. The nose has a great aromatic intensity, highlighting the spicy and floral notes, very well amalgamated with aromas of ripe red fruits . There are also memories of vanilla and bitter chocolate, ceded by oak. In the mouth it has a sweet income with an exceptional aromatic expression, it is a fresh wine with medium bodied and sweet and elegant tannins. Delicate structure and great balance. Each of the varieties that make up this cut was elaborated separately and rested in French oak for a period of six months. After this time, the three varieties were cut and bottled later.

With cultural heritage dating from 1757, when the Chacra de Coria was founded, a winery housed in a building dating back to 1921 and with the first harvest that took place in 2004, Clos de Chacras lays its foundation for the production of quality and quality wines.

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