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The tillage of the south of Mendoza

We tell you the passion of the Roca family towards the art of making wines.
Wines & sparkling wines
Bodega familia Roca
| 14 October, 2019 |

The region of San Rafael, Mendoza, is an area of high production of wines of superior quality. It is characterized by being arid with low rainfall and very low humidity, which determines the high standard of local winemaking, being these excellent conditions for its expression. San Rafael is located at an average height of 750 meters above sea level.

Soils are deep, permeable and poor in organic matter, decisive qualities when it comes to obtaining a good wine.

The origins of Sanrafaelina viticulture go hand in hand with European immigrants who arrived in the times of 1880 and 1905, together with the commissioning of the railway. The development brought Italians, Spaniards, French and Swiss who began tilling the land.

Where the convergence of the Diamante and Atuel rivers occurs, it was the optimal place for wine-growing establishments. What was produced at that time was sold to the Buenos Airesmarket. There was the large amount of population coming from originally wine-consuming countries.

The development of wine production would again receive a boost in the 1990s, when foreign investments of $100 billion were made to modernize the winemaking of Mendoza.

The vineyards and winery of the Roca family are located in this area south of the Province of Mendoza . With unbeatable ecological characteristics that ensure a long period of ripening, which contributes to intensifying the qualities of the grapes.

In 1912 they arrived in Argentina from Europe the descendants of the Roca family, who chose this area and dedicated themselves to the cultivation of the vine. family in the fourth generation, continues this tradition.

The Bodega Alfredo Roca has more than 10 varietals in preparation, where the Personal Dedication line stands out (referring to the dedication of those who contribute the work in their vineyards and in their winery). One of the best strains scored by journalist Jay Miller, chosen by Robert Parker as his representative in South America, was Sauvignon Blanc, who scored 90 points.
This Sauvignon Blanc provides a great aromatic intensity where citrus notes stand out reminiscent of

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