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The perfect tereré to face the heat

Tereré is one of the most popular social drinks, such as mate, on the Argentine coast. Here we show you
| 29 January, 2020 |

Tereré is one of the most popular drinks on the Argentine coast. It is a drink that has a strong presence in social gatherings, just like mate. Argentine provinces such as Corrie ntes, Missions and Entre Ríos have a strong tereré culture due to Guarani influence.

Let’s go to the important thing: how to prepare a good tereré?


  • Citrus fruits: lemon, grapefruit, orange or lime
  • Jug of cold water and ice
  • Hollowout fruit to use matte or a mate
  • yerba mate de palo


  1. We prepare the juice of the chosen fruit. Citrus fruits are best for this preparation. The water should be fresh and it is advisable to put ice on it.
  2. In a mate or hollowed fruit we must fill up to half with yerba.
  3. Pour the fresh juice to fill the matte

The preparation is simple, you can accompany the tereré with other herbs to give it a touch of special flavor. You need to add them to the water where you prepare the juice. The most recommended are mint, good grass, cocu, cedar, boldo, among others. Cinnamon and cloves are good accompaniments for the drink.

We can use juice in envelope if we don’t have fresh fruits, but the flavors will not have the same impact that the fruit itself generates. But it’s an option, more in case you have no fruits and want to have a fresh tereré.

These are the simple steps to put together a good tereré. It consumption methodology is the same as that of the popular mate. We fill the matter, We take with the bulb, it’s over and fill it up again. It goes hand in hand in hand and is the unfailing companion in all meetings.

You can use other fruits, but, being a drink fresh and strong in summer, citrus gives a plus of freshness.

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