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Taupe de Chañar, a sweet and healthy drink

A popular drink in northern Argentina, the chañar arrope would have beneficial and healing properties on the respiratory system.
26 January, 2020

El arrope de chañar is an indigenous drink from the region that covers the Gran Chaco. A region that, on the Argentine map, has influence over many northernprovinces. The chañar is a tree that can be found throughout the country, and the chañar clop is obtained from its fruits.

This drink is a vegetable honey to which they attribute healing properties. In northern Argentina, the chañar clop is usually the first recommendation for a respiratory disease. It is used by those suffering from asthma, cough, cold or colds. It is also used to treat diarrhea. Here are the steps for its preparation:

Preparation (requires of time and patience)

  1. Collect the fruit: calculate 15 to 20 kg per liter.
  2. Place the fruits in a saucepan with water and boil. Water should always be twice as many fruits. The work in the pot takes three hours and must be stirred at times to prevent the chañar from sticking to the pot.
  3. Remove from the pot when the chañar starts to release an ink and allow to cool.
  4. Once cold, knead the obtained substance and separate seeds and stones.
  5. It should be placed again in the pot, but being strained with a thin canvas or tulle.
  6. The substance is boiled again, but this time only an hour.
  7. When the substance reaches that point like a honey, thick, it means we already have chañar tuck.

Taste of the Chañar Tops

It is an extremely sweet drink, very thick and colored. Dark. The tuck of chañar is difficult to describe, a close opinion that I heard it was, “It looks like candy honey half an hour.”

The coffee of chañar

The tuck of chañar is not the only drink that is obtained from this fruit. We can enjoy the chañar coffee, a drink that is prepared with the roasted and ground fruit. This version of the chañar does not change its beneficial properties for the respiratory system. In addition, it would help to cleanse the bladder and kidneys. The taste is intense, a comparison could be the dulce de leche.

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