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Sunrise Warrior

This warrior is not a drink for beginners in the arts of good drinking. It's delicious, but that's how strong
Guerrero sunrise
| 16 August, 2019 |

A drink for the warrior you have inside, based on mezcal.

Method: shake
Ice: rocks
Glass: large jar
Decoration: tangerine in syrup

Castile Pumpkin Juice

  • 1,200 k of Castilla pumpkin
  • 3 lts of water
  • 350 gr of sugar

Boil the ingredients ten minutes and then Cook over medium heat for twenty-five minutes. Allow to stand for twenty minutes and strain. Store in refrigerator.


In a shaker with ice, place the mezcal together with the pumpkin juice, whisk and strain. Add tangerinesoda, stir again and decorate with tangerine wad.

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