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Stuffed morrones with grilled sausage

Strong. Well different and rich. Morrones with grilled sausage. For the parri. Or for the oven, as in this master
03 February, 2019

Different morons. For the parri or the oven.


Green Morron 1

Red Morron 1

Olive oil

Grilled sausage 1 thread

Get out.


Purple onion 1

Arugula 1 tied

Grating cheese 200 grs


For morrons, cut them in the middle lengthwise. Bake them for 5 minutes in the strong oven on oiled plate.

For stuffing, sauté the grill sausage Stir in a frying pan with olive, pass into a bowl and mix with the rest of the chopped ingredients.

For the assembly, fill the morrones and bake half on an olive basis.

Source: Argentine Cooks

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