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Art of blendear

Tea Blending, an art increasingly sought after.
| 18 September, 2019 |

Tea Blending is to discover the secrets of tea, increase the passion for this drink and leave your imagination in the hands of creation.

To enjoy the art of blending it is necessary to know the different types of tea and the immense variety of ingredients that we can use.

Know techniques, secrets and precise information to achieve a balanced blend with personality, highlighting the benefits, aroma and aesthetics that harmonize in a tea cup

There are floral, fruity, citrus, smoked, spicy and sweet toothblends.

The Professional Tea Blender is increasingly sought to develop new skills in this fascinating world.

Pastry makers, cooks and bartenders are curious about the wonderful trend of “Pairing & Tea” for different consumer profiles, which are increasingly demanding when choosing a tea.

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