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Magic in the kitchen: nougat without oven

I learn how to make a nougat from oatmeal, chocolate and milk candy without using the oven!
Cakes and pastries
26 January, 2020

How good it is to make an easy recipe that will make you want to eat something delicious! These bars are practical for giving kids to school. I made half the recipe that I put in a 20 x 20 mold and came out like 9 large bars (10 cookies per layer).


  • Butter 250 g
  • Oatmeal 3 cups
  • Sugar 3 cups (600 g)
  • Cocoa powder 1 cup (105 g)
  • Sweet milk 500 g (I used refuel)
  • Water cookies 3 packs


-Melt the butter in a small bowl and put the sugar. Move with wooden spoon and add oatmeal, cocoa and sweet deleche. Cook for 5 minutes without stopping stirring.

-Place foil in the mold to be able to put a layer of the mixture and it does not stick.

-Make the layers starting with the mixture and then a layer of cookies (so on until finished with the ingredients). The last layer should be from the chocolate mixture. Make the process fast as the cookies will not stick if the preparation dries. Push from time to time.

-Bring to the refrigerator until it hardens a little, unmold and cut into bars.

-Wrap the bars in film or folex.

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