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Summer and Green Juices

Summer can be one of the best moments to start dabbling with a green juice, or any other.
| 20 February, 2020 |

The summer climate makes us lean to the natural, to greater hydration, to try recipes and, why not, to pursue healthy habits.

When it comes to green juices , there is not a single recipe. We must be creative, because their ingredients, vegetables and fruits, provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and we can have fun mixing them. As vegetables and fruits are raw and in their natural state, they retain both vitamins and enzymes.

You can perform them in a traditional way with a juicer or blender, the only thing you should know that this method destroys some nutrients of the juice, accelerating the oxidation of it, which makes us have to take it immediately.

We work with hydraulic press machine that obtains a cold pressed juice, which allows to preserve all the nutrients that fruits and vegetables possess, for several days.

There is talk of green juices, and it is no longer a novelty, many people have already begun to try them. Here’s how important each one has the experience of making them and testing them, and see that in the process of no preservatives, essences, no sugar, it’s all 100% fruit and vegetables.

Cheer up!

Any questions about orders or workshops for healthy juices: Lily’s farm

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