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7 tips to prepare a good missionary mate

Eight out of 10 Argentines consume it. But does everyone know how to prepare it? Here we give you 7
| 12 February, 2020 |

Mate is a national drink par excellence, but it’s much more than that. It is a custom, a tradition shared by all Argentines from north to south of the country. According to INYM (National Institute of Yerba Mate), 80% choose it as the main infusion. A long way behind you is followed by tea and coffee. However, taking mate, enjoying it and being able to share it, requires some care when preparing it and priming it.

How to prepare the best matte

The province of Misiones is the main producer of yerba mate in the world and the “hotbed” of the best primers. Take a note! Here are the 7 tips to prepare the best mate well missionary:

1. Heat water, then place it in a thermos. Keep in mind that water should not be warm or let it boil to take good mattes. That’s why the temperature of the recommended water is from 70 to 80°C.

2. Pour yerba into the container until three quarters of the container. To make the first mates not so bitter, one or two teaspoons of sugar can be added.

3. Cover the mouth of the mate with one hand, invert it and shake it for a few moments. Return the object to its normal position. Take care that the yerba lies on one of the walls and, in addition, a small hole is formed.

4. To begin with, gently place warm water into the hole left in the yerba. Start the mate with warm water allows the yerba not to burn and lose taste. Allow to stand for a few moments before taking the first mate.

6. Search do not move the bulb and always prime in the same place. This allows you to not wet all the weed and thus enjoy more time of exquisite mattes.

7. Take the first to test and then offer the second to the company. It’s a nice custom that shows respect and camaraderie.

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