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Petit Verdot is a strain that until 1852 was mixed with Malbec.
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| 22 October, 2019 |

In the middle of one of the most beautiful practices, that of choosing a label on a market shelf of great variety, and having taken one in hand, the comment of the salesman interrupted the silence: “I finally see someone who chooses a Petit Verdot”. And of course, the surprise was not so much. Petit Verdot is a strain that until 1852 was mixed with Malbec and its main use is to bring aroma, colour, acid and tannin to many of the great red wines that circulate.

It has the particularity of being a grape that ripens after the other vines, so it does not adapt easily to all soils. In Argentina there are about 500 hectares planted and that is why it has not had a wide spread. It is a red grape with very good acidity and long lasting in the mouth.

Fond de Cave Reserva 2014 from Bodega Trapiche is a good exponent to try. Two aromatic descriptors stand out from the rest and provide the distinction of this grape: graphite and grass, as well as cherry and plum.

The glass is dyed in its service of intense vivacious red colors with violet reflections. In mouth it is voluminous, with pleasant and sweet tannins. It is juicy and presents persistent notes of vanilla.

A round and balanced wine that you can not fail to taste, and thus contribute to remove the astonishment of your choice.

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