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Glera: from Italy to Argentina

The varieties of vine vines are counted by thousands in the world, and in a few moments we have the
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espumoso se elabora con uva Glera
| 12 September, 2019 |

Bodega Renacer imports exclusively for Argentina Prosecco Brut Zardetto, a high-end Italian sparkling wine.

This sparkling wine is made with Glera grape. The glera is a white grape variety that was brought to the Italian town of Prosecco and until 2009 the glera was commonly referred to as prosecco.

It is mainly cultivated for use in Italian sparkling wines of the world-famous prosecco wine. It grows mainly in Veneto, in the hills of northern Trieste, where it could have originated.

Prosecco has greatly increased its popularity in markets outside Italy, with global sales growing in two-digit percentages since 1998, also helped by its comparatively low price.

The sparkling wine is produced using the charmat method or Italian method, in which the second fermentation takes place in steel tanks stainless steel, making it less expensive when it comes to producing.

Glera grapes are also grown in other countries, such as Brazil, Romania, Argentina and Australia, but the obtained sparkling wine can not be called prosecco.

Sparkling variants may contain pinot blanc or pinot gris grapes. And because of its sweetness, this prosecco Zardetto is labelled as “brut” because it contains up to 15 g of residual sugar.

It is a sparkling wine that does not ferment in the bottle and vets over time, so it should be drunk as soon as possible and preferably before it is two years old.

Most proseccos reach their best point when consumed three years after collection, but high quality proseccos can reach up to seven years.

It has an attractive lemon yellow colour and aromas of white flowers, damask and herbs create a very prominent nose. When entering the mouth combine citrus notes, azahars and delicate bubbles that manage to surprise in a very friendly finish. It is remarkable the creaminess of its foam.

Ideal to be consumed fresh as an aperitif, accompanied by slightly seasoned white meats or risottos, or very conducive to the toasts to come.

Welcome are those meetings that allow us to discover varieties and flavors from the rest of the world.

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