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The true experience of eating burgers

Patxi Ballester invited us to one of his Burger Sessions in Mendoza. The idea is to learn by eating. A
| 06 April, 2020 |

Behind a piece of meat between two loaves hide experiences and recipes that have demanded years and decades of the most creative minds of world gastronomy. Burgers are a universal meal . However, the great masters, or those who have emerged as such in recent years thanks to YouTube, are the Americans. Accounts like Burger Kid or George Motz have millions of fans of hamburgers. Its ingredients, recipes and cooking elements are taken by the great gastronomic and chefs of the world . One of them is the Mendoza Patxi Ballester.


inveterate burger fanatic, about to wear a tattoo on his wrist, Patxi offers an intimate Burger Session. Only for those who know word of mouth. Every Friday, registration on Instagram via, 25 people attend your local to have a unique experience with their burgers. While admitting that they could increase the number of diners, he prefers to stay with few, but well attended .

It all started a few months ago, when Patxi began to miss gastronomy and burgers. It’s just that our cook had worked for many years in conventional restaurants, but that of keeping schedules, dealing with employees and responsibilities was not his: “ I was gastronomic for a long time. I was in charge of the restaurant El Palenque, in the Aristides. But I got tired. So, if I did something gastronomic, it had to be from a passionate point of view. No time load, pressure, or that.”

experiencia hamburguesas

For connoisseurs only

Patxi took advantage of the facilities of its craft brewery (where the Burger Sessions are being held today), his partner and his contacts: “As already we worked in craft beer, we met many of the manufacturers of stainless steel elements. We take advantage of those contacts to make hamburgers, something I’ve been doing for many years, but at home.” The place is located in the department of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, in an area away from restaurants and food outlets. In fact, Patxi’s very own place has no posters or anything to do to us. to think that they eat those delicious burgers there.

experiencia hamburguesas

The Burger Sessions

It’s an exclusive event, but he prefers to call it “together.” Two burgers are made every Friday. They can be tributes, reversals, or from a

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