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Roasted lamb in the Patagonian style

It is one of the main dishes of southern Argentina. It is healthy, delicious and tender to the palate. This
cordero patagónico asado argentina
| 31 January, 2020 |

Lamb is a meat used to make roasts in Argentina, but there is a region where it is the favorite. It is in the south, especially in the provinces of Santa Cruz and C hubut. Patagonia produces the best breeding of lambs, thanks to the dry climate and the fact that it rains just and necessary. However, the main characteristic that differentiates it globally is its milk breeding and natural grazing. The result is low in cholesterol and fat meat. This, naturally, is reflected on the table, since the lamb is highly healthy, delicious and tender to the palate. Accompanying it with a wood-burning stove and a glass of wine makes it an extremely recommendable experience.


  • 1 lamb of 8 kilos
  • Brine (mixture of salt, oregano, garlic, ground pepper and water)


1- Fix the lamb, breaking the sternum of the lamb to open your rib cage and flatten the whole piece.

2- Make small cuts near the spine and with the help of hands open the ribs.

3- Cut the ligaments to be able to open the legs outward.

4- Season with brine before and during cooking.

5- Hold the ends of the lamb well to the grill, in its respective hooks.

6- Bring the grill to the stove on the side of the ribs towards the fire, inclined to 60 degrees and at a distance of 50 to 80 cm, controlling the direction from the wind to take advantage of its heat, but preventing these from touching the flesh and Burn it.

7- It is important that the cooking is even and slow, so that you never heat is missing in its entirety or in any of its parts. Cooking will take 2 hours about this side.

8- Stop applying brine when a layer has formed White, which means that the meat has taken the necessary salt.

9- Serve hot, immediately when cooked by both sides.

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