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Pumpkin Soup

Today I will present you with a recipe that is unique in all its aspects. Ideal for the beginning of
| 20 September, 2019 |

In this creamy soup the freshness of spices is imposed on the sweetness of the Pumpkin.


  • Cabutia squash, 2 kg
  • Whiteonion , 4 medium
  • mix of spices of choice (one tablespoon per; can be curcuma, ginger, crocus, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper)
  • Milk cream 350 ml


We start by cooking the whole cabutia squash in a strong oven until it is tender and it is noticed that its interior has a consistency of puree. Wait for it to cool to be able to remove its filling, then separate it into 2, stir its seeds and reserve the filling. This can be done the night before. Once ready, melt the butter in a large frying pan until it gives off a slight aroma of toasted hazelnut and add the onion in the form of a feather or julienne. Cook over medium low heat until caramelized in your own juices; do not add sugar, honey or sweeteners that may alter your taste. Add the mixture of spices; I propose to use imagination and discover new flavors! I opted for ginger and curcuma, which will allow to counteract the intensity of the squash. It is advisable to use them fresh, peel them and grate the root. If it is not possible to replace it with its powdered version. In addition, salt pepper, add the puree and finally pour the cream of milk. Let cook a few more minutes. To obtain a better texture process the preparation.

Yield 4 servings.

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