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More than empanadas, enbolladas

Empanadas are a national classic, but each region has its own particular recipe. In Mendoza, the key is a lot
Más que empanadas
| 05 December, 2019 |

Argentina is internationally known for empanadas. They are the fixed menu of our gastronomic offer throughout the country. Although each region has its recipe, they all combine more or less the same: dough, meat and onion. Of course, some variables are adding potato, olive, egg or tomato . Also the way of cooking can vary, usually, between fried or baked. But, anyway, the empanada is never missing as an entry in any restaurant, or as a main course on the table of any Argentinian. However, here we are to explain what is the main feature of the empanada mendocina.

While you can get them fried, the classic Mendocina empanada is cooked in the oven (clay, in the possible). In addition, although they can be obtained from meat cut to knife, generally our patty is made with the typical meat ground.

Ingredients and recipe

As explained, the ingredients are quite common. The issue is the quantities. The Mendocine empanadas carry dough, ground meat, paprika, oregano, boiled egg, olive and, for the end, onion. We say for the end because it is important to clarify that the Mendoza likes it with a lot of onions.

Onion should be sautéed with butter and salt, about 10 minutes. To that is added the ground meat along with the paprika, chilli, and pepper, salt, oregano and any seasoning we think necessary. Some of them, even, add well cut pepper small. Then, once extinguished the fire and cooled the preparation, put one and a half spoonfuls on the dough Patties. To this is added a slice of hard-boiled egg and half an olive.

To close the patty and give it the right repulgue , the edges of the dough should be smeared with egg white. Then we put together the edges and attach them with fingers. Then the characteristic repulgue of each. Decorative. Next to the part to paint the top of the pie with the egg yolk.

It is important to let the pie stand before putting it into the oven. For 20 or 30 minutes, so that everything compacts. Then, if it is in oven to gas, on maximum fire, 20 minutes will be enough for our pies to be lists. However, if we use oven of mud, we’ll need it to be okay hot,which takes time, but, once the pies inside, in 10 minutes they will be ready.

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